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Have you been in a Turo Car accident? Or are you the owner of the Turo car that met with an accident? If yes, you may be worried that filing insurance claims could be difficult. You are not entirely wrong. Car accidents involving Turo cars can cause confusion and additional difficulty as you need to be aware of the rules, regulations, policies and insurance terms. Understanding them helps to negotiate a fair compensation for potential injuries and/or material damages.

The United States sees more than two million car crashes every year. California alone contributes to a large number of such accidents since it has the highest number of registered automobiles. These car accidents come at a high personal and material cost and could burn a hole through your pockets. The need to approach the right car accident lawyer is paramount for navigating out of the legal conundrum arising from such third-party apps.

What is a Turo Car?

Turo Car is a car rental application in the United States, developed to enable commercial car-sharing. Turo cars are different from ride-hailing and ride-sharing apps since they allow private car owners to rent out their cars directly to customers. These owners are termed as a host.

Hosts sign up for free on their platform and list their private vehicle. Turo lets owners set their own ground rules, price, drop off location and availability times. Though it offers insurance options for both hosts and renters, things get murky while filing compensation.

This is true especially when hosts decide to use their own insurance or set different ground rules. Only an experienced Turo accident lawyer will help you navigate such complex and contradicting rules and policies.

How does Turo Car Insurance work?

Turo offers its hosts and renters an opportunity to sign up for third party liability insurance. While hosts need to have an external insurance cover compulsorily as required by law, they are eligible for additional insurance covers during the trip amounting to $750,000. There are varying levels of reimbursement depending on the insurance conditions for physical damage, wear and tear etc. upto $200,000 or the cost of the vehicle(whichever is lower).

Renters need not have their own personal cover for booking the vehicle. They have the option to sign up for insurance on the platform and choose from 3 plans. Though the plans seem comprehensive, there are murky provisions that absolve the company from any responsibility during accidents. It transfers the burden of proof on to the hosts and renters.

Also, the terms and conditions of the insurance cover can be confusing and complex for the common man. This obstructs the ease of filing a compensation claim after the accident.

What to do if I am in a Turo car accident?

California is a fault-based state where all involved parties file claims against the at-fault party’s insurance. For example, if car A crashes on car B, which in turn veers to hit car C, cars A, B and C will file a claim with the insurance of car A owner. Due to this, if you are in a Turo car accident in California, the claim depends on identifying the at-fault party.

What if I am the Turo car driver?

If you are a renter driving a Turo car, immediately call for roadside assistance. Visit the hospital in case of severe physical injuries. If there is no bodily harm, try to collect evidence of damage. Take note of the time, the place and the vehicles or person involved in the crash.

As you know, California is a fault based state and all this crucial evidence will help you make a rightful claim with the insurance company for all your damages. Contact a turo car attorney immediately in case you are not in a position to gather evidence or the circumstances of the accident are unclear.

Also retain the police/incident report, a detailed summary of hospital expenses and other related costs for knowing the accurate costs incurred.

What if a renter crashed my Turo car? 

The car-sharing platform recommends you to take detailed pictures of your car before the start of the ride. This helps to accurately compare the condition of the car after the crash and identify the true extent of damages.

Get a copy of the police report and retain it. Also, contact the cab-sharing app support team to report the accident. They expect you to prove that the car was in a good condition so ensure all photos of the car are updated prior to each trip and documented carefully.

Contact an attorney immediately to understand the different covers provided by your insurance company and the Turo third-party insurance companies. You may be eligible for additional benefits like cover for a replacement vehicle or loss of host benefits pay.

But these covers have a lot of terms and conditions and being unaware of them could deny you of rightful compensation. An expert attorney should be able to help you with filing compensation.

What if a Turo car crashes on me?

As California is a fault state, you need to prove that the Turo car was at fault. Document as much evidence as possible regarding the car crash including photos, eye-witness statements, police reports, hospital costs, ambulance costs, material damages.

All these will make filing your claim much easier. Your attorney will help you build a strong case against the Turo car driver/owner and also help you get maximum compensation for all incurred expenses.

The faster you start your claim process, your chances of proving fault increase. Contact your Turo car attorney immediately to start the compensation process.

How to file a claim after the accident?

You need to file a claim against the insurance of the at-fault party. Finding and proving fault can be a difficult, expensive and lengthy process. Understanding the traffic rules, regulations, terms and conditions of the insurance cover is important to know the extent of claim that can be filed.

The contradicting and confusing provisions in these policies may seem daunting to the layman. Contact a lawyer to help you with filing the compensation claim in a hassle-free manner.

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