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attorney testimonial yuba law chris

Chris M.

Look no further if you’re looking for an attorney who will go above and beyond for their clients! Mr. Gimblin is professional, proactive, and extremely effective, just to name a few. Steve helped me through a very stressful accident with the potential of being quite costly. Through his tireless negotiations, I was absolved of any fault and received a favorable settlement.


Mr. Gimblin was consistently available throughout the process, as well as returned calls in a prompt manner. Most importantly, Steve secured me a very cost effective settlement and didn’t take me to the cleaners like so many other attorneys out there. Do yourself a favor the next time you need representation, call Steve Gimblin, where honesty and quality isn’t just a slogan. Thank again, Steve!

yuba law lawyer testimonial blair photo

Blair T.

After almost a year of endless trying and headaches with an auto accident claim, and several failed attempts to find legal representation I called Steve. After an initial consultation to explain the situation, Steve took my case. Within days, maybe even hours of him accepting my case, the insurance company that I had been battling for almost a year had agreed to re-open my claim for investigation of liability. From there, Steve’s strong negotiating ability, dedication to his profession, and principled legal stance brought my case to a settlement within weeks!


All in all, Mr. Gimblin took me from a point of pure frustration and desperation to a positive resolution within a matter of weeks. His professionalism and dedication allowed me to move forward from a truly difficult situation, and get on with my life! I would recommend the legal services of Steve Gimblin to anyone seeking legal representation! He is truly a great attorney, and great person! Thank you for the help Steve.

auto accident lawyer testimonial kevin

Kevin H.

Where do I begin? Over two years ago I was t-boned on a freeway driving through Colorado. After laughable offers from Progressive I decided the need for professional representation. Due to a recommendation by family friends I ended up retaining a firm out of Sacramento April, 2010. This was a very unfortunate decision. I finished my recovery December, 2010 and was given the runaround for almost an entire year. Excuses about health records that they were waiting for etc. That’s when I knew it was time for a change.


From the get go Mr. Gimblin handled my case with efficiency and professionalism. A very nice change from my previous firm. After 6 weeks of battling with my previous firm, the insurance company, etc. Steve had reached a settlement that was more than I was expecting from the very beginning. I suppose in life there are people who talk about getting it done and then there are people who just get it done. Steve is the latter. If you’re in need of representation look no further! Thanks again!

car accident lawyer testimonial andrea

Andrea A.

Steve Gimblin is an amazing attorney and individual. I went to him and was considering bankruptcy because of harassing creditors. He carefully went over my financial information with me and advised me NOT to use his services and not to file for bankruptcy. He made a few suggestions about how to handle my financial situation and I’ve followed these suggestions and am now debt free! I have to say that, at the time, I was a bit floored that an attorney would turn away business this way! Here’s my perception of the reason… Steve is honest.


During our consultation, when I was nearly in tears because of one particular creditor’s harassment, he took on this case for me. The creditor was seriously stepping over the legal line. He COMMUNICATED with me through each and every step of the case, was forthcoming with information when I was confused, and always got back to me within 24 business hours (usually sooner). He also was a tough negotiator, but a fair-minded individual and always gave it to me straight! I’m not sure what else I can say about Steve except that I would not hesitate to recommend him to anyone. If you are unsure of what help you need, he will be HONEST with you…and these days, there is no better acclaim I can give to a business or person. Thanks for the great service, Steve!

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