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Chico Lyft Accident Lawyer

You might have a lot of questions about your legal options if you or your loved ones were injured in a Lyft accident. A Chico Lyft accident lawyer will respond to your queries and assist hurt accident victims in obtaining financial settlements from insurance providers and other responsible parties.

On this page, we’ll understand the implications of Lyft accidents and explore the role of a Chico Lyft accident lawyer in case you or a loved one is hurt in a Lyft accident.

Why should you consult a Chico Lyft accident lawyer?

In today’s day and age, ridesharing has become widespread and offers many advantages to users. In just a few minutes, users can get a ride to their destinations. Many people value this convenience, which has given birth to a brand-new market dominated by businesses like Lyft.

However, if rideshare accidents happen, the situation becomes more complicated because of this new mode of transportation. Who is responsible for these mishaps? In many instances, the answer is not straightforward. The accident and personal injury laws in California are complex and can be difficult to navigate on your own.

For this reason, you must take your rideshare accident case to a qualified personal injury lawyer in your location. A Chico Lyft accident lawyer will be well-versed with the accident and personal injury laws and all possible outcomes in your case. They know how to secure the monetary compensation that you are legally entitled to by dealing with insurance providers on your behalf.

What are the usual types of Lyft accidents and injuries?

Lyft-related accidents are very common in California and people sustain injuries almost every single day. Research shows that ridesharing services have brought about a 2-3% rise in the number of fatalities occurring due to motor vehicle accidents. This means that nearly 1,000 deaths occur every year due to ridesharing accidents.

What are the usual types of Lyft accidents and injuries?

Typical Lyft accidents include:

  • Lyft drivers getting in a collision with bicyclists and pedestrians.
  • Lyft drivers getting into a crash with other vehicle drivers
  • Passengers on a Lyft ride getting hurt because their driver crashes into another motor vehicle

Lyft accident cases usually result in people sustaining severe injuries affecting the brain (head), neck, bones, back, shoulders, and so forth.

Who is liable to compensate you for the accident?

California is recognized for being a fault-based state when it comes to auto insurance. In fault-based states, the person bearing the financial burden of causing a car accident is typically also the person who caused the accident.

It’s likely that your Lyft driver or perhaps the driver of some other vehicle is to blame in case of an accident. It’s also possible another party (like a group of workers who maintain the roads or a company that makes auto parts) is also liable for your losses.

An experienced personal injury attorney can investigate the accident and identify all the parties that were responsible for the accident. It’s possible that multiple parties are liable to compensate you for the damages you claim and a knowledgeable lawyer can negotiate with every party to get you maximum compensation.

Is Lyft liable to compensate you in case of an accident?

Rideshare companies like Lyft have an insurance policy worth $1 million. This policy is in place to compensate a rider for damages in case of an accident and you automatically qualify for this compensation every time you get into a ride. It’s the highest level of insurance offered to all riders so you’re likely to get full compensation from the company for all your medical expenses and other damages. However, note that the driver must be logged into the Lyft app during the ride for this insurance policy to be applicable.

Matters can get complicated if the driver is not logged into the app since drivers are not considered employees of the company. They are treated as independent contractors. If they are not logged into the app when the accident occurs, the company may not be held liable for damages. In this case, your compensation will depend on the driver’s insurance (if they were at fault). In other cases, it will depend on the insurance of another driver if they were responsible for the accident.

Why are Lyft accident claims complicated?

In comparison to insurance claims, personal injury cases frequently result in victims recovering more damages. Unfortunately, it can be challenging to pursue your case in Lyft accidents beyond an insurance claim. These cases may be too complicated to handle without an experienced lawyer with you due to a number of factors.

A rideshare accident may become complicated for the following reasons:

  • Various insurance coverage levels of people involved in the accident
  • Multiple individuals responsible for the accident 
  • Californian rideshare drivers’ classification as being independent contractors rather than employees of the company 

If not handled properly, these factors could have a negative effect on your claim. Additionally, ride-sharing companies are known for failing to take legal responsibility for mishaps.

What do I need for consulting a Chico Lyft accident lawyer?

It is distressing to be involved in any kind of road accident. If you need to speak with legal counsel, it can be even scarier, especially if it’s your first time.

You can reduce any anxiety you might be experiencing by making a list of the materials you should bring to your meeting. Often, just knowing that you are prepared is enough to ease your anxiety. The following documents can help your attorney understand your case better:

  • The names of the drivers who contributed to the accident 
  • The drivers’ insurance companies 
  • Any pictures or videos you may have of the crash site or your injuries 
  • Your medical history and expenses 
  • The number of the police report
  • A paycheck that can serve as evidence of lost wages
  • Anything else you know about the collision


However, don’t worry if you don’t have all these documents. While these documents can help an attorney work on your case faster, an initial consultation does not necessarily require all of them. Bringing whatever you have is okay.

Furthermore, after an accident, you should always avoid signing any papers you don’t understand. You should avoid discussing the accident with the driver or a representative of the company at all costs. Before saying or doing anything that might hurt your case, consult with a Lyft accident lawyer first.

How much time do I have to file a claim for my Lyft accident?

In California, you get two years from the day of your ridesharing accident to file a personal injury claim. It is vital for you to file your claim as early as possible in order to gather evidence which would be helpful in getting you your damages. If you miss this deadline, you shall not be able to recover compensation for your expenses.

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