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Yuba City truck accident lawyer

The Yuba City truck accident attorneys at the Law Offices of Steve Gimblin understand that accidents involving trucks are often devastating. Both from a financial perspective as well as from the view of emotional and mental setbacks. Apart from the huge medical fees, multiple doctor visits in the following months, therapy- both physical and mental, people are usually left worrying about the legal angle of it all.

Dealing with the aftermath of an accident is hard enough on its own. Add in a heavy dose of legal procedure, court visits, insurance claims and police investigations, and we have the perfect recipe for stress and anxiety. When faced with the responsibility of making the best possible choice that will put their own interests above others’, people realize the need for an experienced motor vehicle accident attorney.

What To Do If You Suffer Injury In a Trucking Accident

Having received the necessary medical attention, the first step any person should take after suffering injuries from a truck accident, is to contact a lawyer. Be it a truck or semi-truck accident, retaining an experienced attorney should relieve some stress.

The sooner you notify a lawyer of your choosing, the sooner they can get to work on collecting and preserving evidence, filing claims and finding witnesses.

If you’re looking for a truck accident attorney, here are some factors to consider before choosing to entrust your case to someone.

  • Make sure that the attorney has ample experience in dealing specifically with truck accident cases.
  • Previous client reviews and testimonials also help give a clearer view of the kind of service you can expect.
  • An attorney that has not just qualifications but also the work ethic to put in the hours required to prepare the best possible case for you.
  • A portfolio of successful accident liability cases should also be taken into account.

What Yuba City Truck Accident Lawyers Do

There are more than 3.5 million truck drivers on the roads and highways of the United States and the number is constantly on the rise. Naturally, this also means that a fair amount of motor vehicle accidents would be related to trucks. Though these accidents are rarer, this does not translate to them being minor in any way. The situation is rather contrary, accidents involving trucks are usually extremely serious and even fatal to the parties involved. After an accident, a truck lawyer helps their client navigate through the often cloudy waters that surround these mishaps.

Build a Strong Case

Unlike other motor vehicle accident cases, truck accident cases are usually much more complicated. Building a strong case is largely dependent on how soon an attorney can start working subsequent to the accident.. It follows the simple rule of- the sooner the better. Why? Because time gives a huge advantage in accident cases.

The attorney will be in a better position to  find evidence that could otherwise be more difficult to obtain. A lawyer who is responsible towards their client will not shy away from going a mile further to find eyewitnesses, CCTV footage or anything else that helps the injured victim’s case.

Identify Parties Involved

In a car accident, we know the parties involved are usually the person driving, their insurance company and the victim. However, the lines are a bit blurred when it comes to truck accidents. In these cases, the number of parties involved is generally more. Apart from the victim, the driver, the insurance company, there is also the trucking company.

From the victim’s perspective, having more parties on the defending side could potentially translate to more compensation. Without the involvement of an experienced attorney, chances are, some of the parties that could be involved in a suit are never even considered.

Never Directly Negotiate With Insurance Companies

Most of the time, the defaulting drivers’ insurance companies try to entice victims into an out-of-court settlement. Though they try to make it seem like they’re doing it for the victim, so they don’t have to go through the long and drawn-out court procedure, the reality is far from it. Insurance companies only have their own best interests in mind, and they try to get out of a liability claim the cheapest way possible. They know that in court, they would have to pay a much larger sum in compensation.

Negotiating with these insurance companies is best left to a lawyer who has expertise and knowledge of the applicable laws and fair compensation. So even if an insurance company is pushing for a settlement, a lawyer can assess and let their client know whether this is their best possible option. With the right truck accident attorney, you can rest assured that your interests will be put first.

Evaluate the Ideal Compensation Amount

Evaluation of monetary compensation that doesn’t only cover the costs incurred as a result of the accident but also the additional costs is done by a lawyer. They calculate the amount spent by their client on medical fees, missed wages and pain and sufferings.

Deliver Justice

At the end of the day, court procedure and liability claims are for more than just money. They are for you to enforce your rights. Since accidents severely hamper the right of free movement and enjoyment of life, it is only fair for the victims to look for justice. More often than not, this justice comes in the form of financial compensation but it is just a form of the justice that truck accident victims deserve.

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Yuba City Truck Accident Lawyer FAQs

If you or a loved one have been in a truck accident, going through the following Yuba City Truck Accident Lawyer FAQs can help you understand what to do. Some of the questions here will help you know what to do immediately after the accident.

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