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Chico Pedestrian Accident Lawyer

Pedestrian Accidents In Chico

If you or a loved one were involved in a pedestrian accident, contact a Chico pedestrian accident lawyer right away to ensure that you get the maximum settlement possible.

Chico, which has a population of over 93,000, is a thriving and energetic city located in Northern California. There are a lot of cars and people walking on neighborhood streets because Chico is so busy. Unfortunately, it also means Chico experiences a fair number of automobile accidents involving pedestrians.

Drivers are required to always uphold a duty of care. This includes driving safely and responsibly so as not to endanger pedestrians or their property. Unfortunately, a lot of drivers disregard this responsibility and tend to drive carelessly and dangerously, which causes someone harm.

Let’s understand your rights and the options you have in case you’re involved in a pedestrian accident.

Can you get compensation if you were injured in a pedestrian accident?

The short answer is yes. You might be entitled to financial compensation if a driver’s negligence or intentional actions caused you to suffer injuries in a pedestrian accident. These losses could include lost wages while you were healing from the injuries.

After a pedestrian accident, you have two options: file an insurance claim with the driver’s company or file a civil lawsuit for personal injuries.

If the motorist was covered by insurance when the collision happened, you can submit a claim to the driver’s insurance provider. Without a lawyer’s help, the negotiation and settlement process for a personal injury claim can take a long time and be challenging to understand. The insurance company’s claims adjuster will attempt to settle your claims for as little money as possible. In exchange for payment, they may also ask you to waive your right to legally pursue the driver

A personal injury civil suit is frequently the only way to obtain the compensation you are entitled to because pedestrian disasters can result in such severe injuries.

Types of injuries you may sustain in a pedestrian accident

Accidents involving pedestrians frequently result in severe or even fatal injuries. Compared to car occupants who have airbags, safety belts, etc., pedestrians are completely unprotected in an accident. During a collision, a pedestrian’s body usually comes into direct contact with the car.

The following are a few of the more typical pedestrian accident injuries you may sustain:

  • Bones that are broken or crushed 
  • Organ injury 
  • Bleeding 
  • Harm to the spinal cord (including 
  • Ligament 
  • Road rash, contusions, and 
  • Knee and leg 
  • Brain injuries caused by trauma

Some wounds could leave the victim permanently disabled and therefore unable to work again. Victims might require ongoing medical attention, have noticeable scars, and experience crippling emotional trauma.

You can claim damages for any of these injuries and for the medical expenses you may incur to get checked and treated at a hospital.

Can you claim compensation for wrongful death?

Sadly, some pedestrians lose their lives in the collision or eventually pass away due to the extent of their injuries. After a pedestrian accident, the victim’s family members may be able to file wrongful death claims. If the driver was careless, reckless, or intentionally acting, some family members may be eligible for compensation under California’s wrongful death statute.

You may be entitled to economic compensation for damages like funeral and burial costs, lost economic support, as well as loss of companionship. However, this is applicable only if you can establish responsibility in a wrongful death claim. The losses of the remaining family are what are compensated in a wrongful death claim, rather than the losses of the victim.

Is there a timeline for filing a pedestrian accident claim?

If you’re thinking about suing for a pedestrian accident, you probably wish to find out how long the case will take. According to a legal procedure known as a “statute of limitations,” you generally have 2 years since the date of the incident to file a pedestrian accident lawsuit in California.

The length of time it takes for your lawsuit to be resolved after you file it will depend on several variables. For example, the seriousness of the injuries you’ve sustained and the depth of the legal problems that exist in your case.

The defendant (or their insurance provider) might be inclined to reach a settlement before the case goes to trial if you were seriously injured. They may do this because they believe the amount of compensation that a jury or judge will award you could be very high.

Your Chico pedestrian accident attorney will assist you in determining whether you are being offered a reasonable amount of compensation if you get any settlement offer prior to trial. This process could take months or even years if your accident case goes to trial. Once they start working on your case, your attorney can help you understand how drawn out your lawsuit might be.

Why you should contact a Chico pedestrian accident attorney right away

Accidents involving pedestrians can result in severe injuries, which come at a high cost in terms of medical expenses and lost wages. The insurance provider or defendant may attempt to pressure you into giving a sworn statement which could be used to debate responsibility or your damages in an effort to lessen their burden. They may look through your social media accounts for content they can use against you. Additionally, crucial evidence, like surveillance footage, which could be used to support your claim may be lost.

An attorney from the Law Offices of Steve Gimblin in Chico can assist you in staying one step ahead of the insurance provider or responsible party. They can help you avoid errors that could jeopardize your claim. Additionally, to collect evidence when it’s still available, our attorneys will launch an immediate investigation. We can also manage the insurance provider negotiations, determine your damages, and employ tried-and-true legal tactics throughout settlement discussions and potential litigation.

Get in touch with the best Chico pedestrian accident lawyer now to get a free consultation for your case!



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