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Distracted driving remains a danger in Yuba City and throughout California, despite laws prohibiting this conduct and public awareness campaigns aimed at deterring drivers from engaging in it. If you have been injured by a distracted driver, you need the help of a Yuba City distracted driving accident lawyer.

According to the California Office of Traffic Safety, 140 people were killed in 2021 because of a distracted driver. This represents a 27.3 percent increase in the number of distracted driving fatalities in 2020.

Being injured or having a loved one fatally wounded by a distracted driver places you in a vulnerable position. You have legal rights, but if you do not take timely and effective action, you could miss out on your opportunity for accountability and compensation. You can protect yourself and your rights by employing a skilled and determined Yuba City distracted driving accident lawyer.

The Law Offices of Steve Gimblin has years of experience helping individuals in your situation. No matter how seriously you have been hurt, our distracted driver attorney is here to help you get the justice you deserve. Contact the Law Offices of Steve Gimblin today.

Understanding Distracted Driving

A 2023 survey conducted by the Office of Traffic Safety found that nearly three-quarters of all California motorists identified distracted driving as their biggest traffic safety concern. While using a cell phone to text or make a call while driving is one of the most common forms of distracted driving, it is not the only way these accidents occur.

Distracted driving accident lawyers encounter a wide variety of behaviors on the road that make it difficult for people to focus on driving safely. Any action in the car that takes your eyes and attention away from the road can lead to a distracted driving accident.

Visit with your Yuba City distracted driving accident lawyer if you suspect the at-fault driver was:

  • Talking on their cell phone or sending a text message
  • Checking social media or e-mails
  • Eating or drinking, especially food like sandwiches or drinks like coffee
  • Changing radio stations or fixing a navigation system
  • Changing clothes or applying makeup

A driver who causes an accident may not admit to you that they were distracted. However, when you get a distracted driving lawyer involved in your case early, your attorney can collect and preserve evidence proving the driver was not paying attention when they caused your wreck.

Consequences and Legal Ramifications of Distracted Driving in California

There are at least two significant consequences drivers may face if they choose to text while driving.

First, a law enforcement officer could ticket them, which would result in a fine. For a first offense, the fine is at least $162, increasing to at least $285 for a second texting-while-driving violation. These violations are meant to deter individuals from continuing to drive when they are distracted by their cell phones.

Second, distracted drivers can be civilly sued by individuals they hurt in accidents caused by their distracted driving. In California, a driver who causes a wreck because they were driving negligently can be held legally responsible for the injuries that others suffer in the accident. Negligence is considered careless behavior, or conduct that a reasonable person would not engage in under the circumstances.

Texting while driving or driving while distracted is careless driving behavior. As a result, texting and driving accident attorneys can file a lawsuit against a distracted driver who causes a crash that injures you.

As long as the evidence collected by your distracted driving accident attorneys shows that the driver’s distracted driving played a role in the crash, you will be entitled to compensation.

Why Choose the Law Offices of Steve Gimblin?

There are numerous texting and driving accident lawyers in California, but there is only one Steve Gimblin. What sets our attorney apart from other distracted driving attorneys is his tenacity and determination to pursue the best possible resolution for his clients.

Yuba City distracted driving lawyer Steve Gimblin has devoted his practice to protecting the rights of injury victims who are hurt by others’ careless actions. Whether by negotiating a fair settlement to help pay for bills and lost wages or fighting for clients’ rights in court, the Law Offices of Steve Gimblin devotes its resources and experience to clients in need.

Personalized service and representation from an experienced and dedicated advocate is what sets the Law Offices of Steve Gimblin apart.

Steps to Take After a Distracted Driving Accident

You may not immediately realize that the driver who collided with your vehicle was distracted. However, the steps you should take immediately after any car accident are the same.

The first step is to get yourself to a safe location away from other traffic and hazards. If you suspect you are seriously wounded, try not to move unless doing so is necessary to protect your life.

Next, if you think you may have suffered anything beyond minor superficial injuries, get yourself to a doctor’s office or hospital emergency room as soon as you can. Broken bones, deep cuts, and injuries to your head all need to be examined quickly to prevent further harm. An examination may also reveal organ damage or other internal injuries that need immediate attention.

Finally, as soon as you are able to do so, you should select and retain the Law Offices of Steve Gimblin as your Yuba City distracted driving lawyer. Hiring an attorney quickly and having them commence work on your case provides you with numerous benefits.

Your Lawyer Handles Insurance Adjusters and Claims

Soon after your wreck, you should file a claim with the at-fault party’s liability insurer. Once you do this, you will soon face calls from insurance adjusters whose sole purpose is to limit the compensation their company needs to pay. Filing the claim paperwork and dealing with adjusters can be stressful and time-consuming, especially if you are recovering from injuries.

Your attorney can address both of these concerns on your behalf. Not only will your distracted driving accident attorney complete and submit your claim paperwork, but they can also help ensure you do not say something to an adjuster that could affect your case or your right to recovery.

An Attorney Helps Collect Evidence and Interview Witnesses

In a crash caused by suspected distracted driving, witness statements and the cell phone records of the at-fault driver are crucial to your case’s success. For many injury victims, preserving this evidence in such a way that it can be used later in court is beyond their abilities.

A distracted driver lawyer experienced in investigating these sorts of cases will already have the knowledge and resources to take action and preserve key pieces of evidence for your case. This can put you at ease and give you confidence that you can prevail in court if the other party contests your claim.

Your Distracted Driving Attorney Guides Your Case to a Successful Resolution

Filing an insurance claim against the other driver’s insurance policy can only lead to as much compensation as the policy limits provide. You may still require additional compensation, especially if you will need additional or ongoing medical care. Your attorney can help you understand not only the compensation you need but what you can expect to receive.

The parties in a distracted driving case will routinely explore a settlement agreement as an option to avoid trial. These arrangements can be beneficial as long as the amount of compensation you agree to sufficiently covers your losses and needs.

Your attorney can help you negotiate a fair settlement with the other party. If such a resolution is not possible, count on your distracted driving lawyer to take your case to court.

Compensation Available To Victims

Understanding how a distracted driving crash can impact you and your family is key to your recovery. If you do not understand the compensation you are entitled to, it is difficult to evaluate settlement offers. You may find yourself accepting a settlement offer that is too low or insisting on a trial in spite of receiving a reasonable settlement.

You can recover compensatory damages that cover your medical bills, lost wages, and other out-of-pocket expenses you incurred. Such damages can cover not just your past expenses but the future expenses you are likely to need as you move forward. Two examples of such injuries are ongoing treatment costs and lost earning potential.

You are also entitled to seek compensation for your mental and emotional suffering. Whether you are hit in a rear-end collision, side impact crash, or head-on wreck, the trauma of your wreck can stay with you long after your physical injuries heal. These unseen scars also deserve compensation.

Our team will make sure your injuries are well-documented so that your compensation claim addresses your past and future needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Texting and driving lawyers in Yuba City often receive questions from injury victims about their rights to recovery. Some of these questions include:

Am I Guaranteed to Receive Compensation if a Distracted Driver Hit Me?

There are few guarantees. However, California’s pure comparative fault laws mean that you can recover compensation if the other party is even the slightest bit negligent. Since distracted driving of any type is almost always considered negligent, you have a good chance of succeeding with your claim.

How Do I Know if I Was Hit by a Distracted Driver?

At the crash scene, you may not know if the other driver was distracted unless that driver blurts something out. Other signs of a distracted driver would include a cell phone that is on and active, food or drink open, or a driver who makes no effort to avoid the collision before it happens.

However, until a distracted driving attorney investigates your case, there is no way to know definitively if the at-fault driver was distracted.

How Long Will It Be Before My Case Settles?

If there is evidence that clearly shows the other driver is at fault because they were distracted, a settlement could be reached within a matter of weeks. In more complicated cases where several contributing factors may lead to the crash, a settlement might take a few months.

Experienced legal counsel can help speed your case toward an appropriate resolution. Your attorney will know what is possible to achieve in your case and can advise you when your case is ripe for a settlement. If no appropriate settlement is reached, your attorney can also tell you this so you can decide whether to proceed with a trial.

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