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Oroville Uber Accident Lawyer

Were you injured in an Uber accident in Oroville, California? If you were, it’s important for you to immediately engage an experienced Oroville Uber accident lawyer to recover the compensation you deserve after the accident. Remember, Uber accidents aren’t the same as regular car accidents. Recovering compensation in such accidents is complex and often difficult. So, you need an Uber accident lawyer who knows the ins and outs of dealing with such cases.

At the Law Offices Of Steve Gimblin, you get a seasoned Oroville Uber accident attorney who on your behalf will demand fair compensation for your economic and non-economic damages. Apart from providing legal services for car accidents, they provide legal services in many other areas as well.

How Uber Accidents Are Legally Different From The Regular Car Accidents

Uber connects passengers with drivers through its app. It doesn’t own a fleet of cars where it hires drivers to operate them to ferry passengers, which a taxi service does. Uber provides an app that connects drivers with passengers where drivers use their personal cars to ferry passengers. This means the drivers are not employees of Uber rather they are contracted by Uber. So, when an accident happens and a passenger gets injured, ridesharing apps put the blame on the driver for negligence and escape from car accident liability. This is where an Uber accident lawyer is needed to identify all the parties who are at fault and recover the maximum compensation.

On the other hand, in taxi accidents, since drivers are employees of the taxi service companies, the negligent driver and the employer of the driver are liable for paying the damages.

What Can You Expect From A Personal Injury Lawyer?

When you hire a personal injury lawyer from a firm like the Law Offices Of Steve Gimblin, you can expect the following.

Demands Fair Compensation From Insurance Companies

Any ridesharing company in California requires coverage when an accident happens. Having said that, some insurance companies of the ridesharing apps may deny paying monetary damages when a passenger gets injured in a car accident. They may use excuses such as the driver is an independent contractor and he/she is the one who is responsible for paying the compensation. Some insurance companies can trick the passengers to settle for low compensation.

To prevent such scenarios from happening, hiring an experienced injury lawyer immediately is the way forward. At the Law Offices Of Steve Gimblin, the lawyers have handled many such accident cases and recovered millions of dollars in compensation. If Uber’s insurance company denies compensation or tries to underpay, Steve Gimblin’s lawyers will take on the insurance company and ensure to recover the fair compensation you are entitled to.

Identifies The Parties Who Are At Fault

An investigation is a key to identifying the parties who are potentially at fault. At the Law Offices Of Steve Gimblin, the lawyers conduct a thorough investigation to determine why the accident happened and identify all those parties who are liable to pay the damages.

Connects To The Best Medical Services

Apart from providing legal services, some law firms connect injured passengers to the best medical representatives in the city. The Law Offices Of Steve Gimblin does exactly that. Injuries from a car accident can have long-term effects, and to recover from them quickly, the best medical people are required which Steve Gimblin’s office can offer.

Represents You At The Courts 

Sometimes, personal injury claims can fail. If Uber’s insurance company fails to offer the compensation that you deserve or refuse your claim, you can take the battle to the courts. The lawyers of Steve Gimblin can help you in this regard.  The lawyers at Steve Gimblin’s office can file a personal injury lawsuit on your behalf and develop a strong case that helps to recover maximum compensation.

Who Are The Parties That You Can File A Claim In A Uber Accident

If you’re injured in an Uber accident in Oroville, you have the right to file an injury claim against:

  • The negligent driver’s insurance company
  • Uber’s insurance company
  • Third-party if involved

That said, identifying who is at fault is difficult and this is where the Oroville Uber accident lawyer comes into the scene. The lawyer collects evidence and identifies if one party is involved or more than one and acts accordingly.

What Financial Compensation Can You Expect In A Oroville Uber Accident

The lawyers of Steve Gimblin will investigate your case, collect evidence, see what losses you have incurred, and file a claim according to that. You can expect money for:

  • Medical bills
  • Permanent disability
  • Pain and suffering
  • Emotional trauma
  • Loss of wages
  • Lost earning capacity

What Are The Causes Of RideShare Accidents

There are many causes, but here are a few of them.


Distraction is one of the leading causes of accidents. One reason for distracted driving is that, rideshare drivers, when driving, often look at their phones for GPS coordinates which can lead to an accident. Apart from this, there are other ways they can get distracted like messaging and answering a call.


Rideshare drivers, in pursuit of more customers, can rush through the traffic which can lead to an accident.


In the pursuit of earning more money, sometimes, rideshare drivers get tempted to keep driving even if they are exhausted. This can cause fatigue and can lead to an accident. Some drivers work for others in a day and in their free time work for ridesharing companies like Uber. As they are taking up two jobs, fatigue can kick in which may lead to an accident.

Contact The Law Offices Of Steve Gimblin For An Experienced Oroville Uber Accident Attorney

Claiming compensation after an accident in Oroville is no cakewalk, especially in Uber accidents. There are many factors involved in recovering the amount that you are entitled to. Hiring an experienced Oroville Uber accident lawyer is your best bet. The car accident lawyers at Steve Gimblin’s office will aggressively fight for your rights. They will negotiate with the opposing party for compensation. If that fails, they will represent you at the courts and present strong evidence to recover maximum compensation.



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