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Brain Trauma

Traumatic brain injuries of all degrees can change the course of many lives. The life of the injured person, their friends and, of course family member’s lives can all be forever altered.


Traumatic brain injuries are just exactly that: brain injuries that are caused by or are the result of trauma. The term traumatic brain injury is often shortened to TBI by attorneys and doctors and experts in the area of neuroscience.


Some brain injuries are very easy to identify and their effects quite obvious. Examples of this are noticeable physical damage to head, skull and brain. Further examples include slowed or slurred speech and severe cognitive functioning deficits.


While these open and obvious forms of TBI have been recognized for years, it is only recently that some of the not so obvious TBI’s are being studied and discovered and can be isolated to explain not so obvious changes and damages in peoples’ lives as a result.


These less easily diagnosed forms of TBI are the ones that fall in the “mild” or “moderate” brain injury spectrum.


Personal injury lawyers often see these forms of TBI resulting from car and motorcycle accidents and sometimes slip and fall type incidents. It is important to consult with and hire an attorney familiar with these less recognizable forms of brain injuries to ensure that you are encouraged to see the very best medical treatment for brain injuries.


The symptoms of mild or moderate brain injuries may often times include: irritability, mood swings, forgetfulness, changes in cognitive recognition, personality changes, blurred vision, lack of concentration, headaches and sleep disruption.


If you or a friend or family member has been experiencing cognitive and/or brain changes as a result of trauma please contact our office today.


We provide the always free initial consultation so there’s no risk. We can discuss your case and provide a free evaluation and if necessary help to provide introductions to well known and respected medical professionals that can help diagnose and treat all types of TBI.



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