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Successful resolution and recovery of millions of dollars.
Always Free Initial Consultations.

Yuba City Personal Injury Lawyer

If you have been injured in a car accident, big rig accident, or motorcycle accident, a skilled injury attorney like Yuba City accident attorney Steve Gimblin can help navigate you through the sometimes murky and predator-filled waters of insurance settlement and/or injury lawsuits.

Yuba city injury lawyer

Medical Help You Deserve

We will get you the best medical help you require and deserve. Injuries have long term effects and we want to get you the medical attention for a speedy recovery.

Yuba city personal inury attorney

Forget The Insurance Companies

We will work with the insurance company on your behalf so you can focus on your own needs. Insurance companies try to extract information from you to use against you.

personal injury attorney in Yuba City

Maximum Compensation

Insurance companies will not pay you full value without an attorney. We will aggressively fight for you to get you the maximum compensation you deserve.



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    Why Choose Us?

    As Yuba City personal injury lawyers, we set the standard for legal expertise, experience and professionalism.

    Why choose us? Here’s why.

    Successful Track Record

    Successful resolution and recovery of millions of dollars.

    Open Communication

    We proactively keep you informed about important events in your case, so you are never in the dark.

    Work Ethic

    We promise you our best effort, and our best attitude, every time we work on your case.

    All car accidents are chain reaction crashes. After the moment of impact, victims often experience the loss of a family car and sustain injuries that mean extended hospital stays, expensive diagnostic tests, long-term physical rehabilitation, and other medical expenses. At the same time, victims often miss weeks or months of work, and with little or no money coming in, it does not take long for the bills to pile up and become overwhelming. All this time, the insurance company seemingly calls every day with vague promises of a financial settlement that protects their own bottom line.  It seems clear that your family’s welfare is not really the insurance company’s primary concern.

    At the Law Offices of Steve Gimblin, we want to help you overcome all the obstacles you face, and not just one or two. That is why we quickly evaluate the legal issues in your case, begin collecting evidence, and give you solid legal advice. We also immediately connect you with a team of medical professionals who will see that you get the care you require, often at no immediate cost. Then, our personal injury lawyers in Yuba City take on the insurance company and demand fair compensation for your economic and non economic damages.

    Yuba City personal injury attorney
    No Win No Fee Guarantee. Always Free Initial Consultations.

    Building A Case

    In Sacramento County civil court, the plaintiff has the burden of proof to show negligence by a preponderance of the evidence, which means more likely than not. The elements of a personal injury case are:

    In most cases, the defendant has a duty of reasonable care, so drivers must obey traffic laws, avoid dangerous substances, be mindful of environmental conditions, and generally drive defensively.

    Factual Cause
    The phrase that Woodland lawyers use is that the car accident would not have happened “but for” the tortfeasor’s (negligent driver’s) action or inaction.

    Legal Cause
    The plaintiff’s injuries must be a foreseeable result of the tortfeasor’s conduct.

    Lack of sleep (drowsy driving), cellphone use (distracted driving), using alcohol, and ignoring traffic laws are some of the most common breaches of the duty of reasonable care.

    Economic damages include lost wages and medical bills; noneconomic damages are things like emotional distress and loss of enjoyment in life.

    In many cases, a third party may also be partly responsible for the victim’s personal injury and other damages.

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